What's New With Latest Speed PPC Version - Review And Discount

SpeedPPC recently launched its new version with tons of new features. I am going to review some of the important features in this post.

Create Superfast PPC campaign - Save your time and create thousands of PPC campaign in secondsNo Spreadsheets -  You do not need to maintain any spreadsheet to maintain PPC campaign. SpeedPPC will do everything for youSKAG Campaign - SKAG( Single Keyword as a group) is now possible with SpeedPPC now.

Features of recently launched Cloud version of SpeedPPC

Recently SpeedPPC upgraded with new features in latest cloud version. I will explain them in this blog: SpeedPPC Saves time and money - Manually creating exclusively targeted ads and landing pages is time-consuming, tiresome, and unexciting. SpeedPPC automates the most boring and difficult parts of building targeted campaigns, so you don’t have to work hard, pasting and correcting hundreds of ad groups. See below to know how much SpeedPPC can save your time:
Better Quality Score - Low quality score means Google does not think your ad is giving their user what they really want. In that case they will increase your bidding rate and it is harder to get a good position among competitor. There are few things SpeedPPC takes care for you to get rid of this: Improve your click through rate, Improve the relevance of your ad to search criteria,and also your landing page will be more relevantDrive more traffic to your site - As SpeedPPC do the tedious part of creating good and targeted campaign, …

SpeedPPC V5- Build better and faster PPC Campaign

The long awaited SpeedPPC V5is out now.The new release is out on 2nd July 2012.

Here are new things which are introduced in SpeedPPC V5:
Improved interface - SpeedPPC now has a better look and feel with the interfaces have been improved so that you can access the things you need oftenCloud Data - your data is no more tied to your PC. data is kept on cloud or on web server on internet.So you can access it from anywhere.Good for sharing campaign -  SpeedPPC now made it much simpler to share campaign if you are working in teams.Also its licensing terms made it easier and  cheaper to buy.Welcome Mac users - SpeedPPC now worl with mac too.It natively work both with PC and Mac users.New tools - Since a comprehensive long-tail keyword list is the cornerstone of a successful campaign with SpeedPPC, they’ve given you some keyword tools Pricing - SpeedPPC V5 now comes with a free, Pro and team version.Please see pricing below.

 So do not wait and Order SpeedPPC V5 today to get 50% off on pricin…

Save $197 on SpeedPPC - Bonus pack includes PPC power pack

SpeedPPC came with a nice $197 offer where you can get complete SpeedPPC package at $347 and a bonus pack of PPC power absolutely Free.

Here is what PPC power pack contains
WordPress Dynamic Landing Page Plug-in
They’ve created a private plug-in specifically for the WordPress platform that allows you to dynamically pass in keywords to your website pages through the URL to help you get an increase in Quality Score and conversionsAffiliate Datafeed/ Advanced Landing Page Generator
Their most advanced landing page system will have your mind spinning with ideas. It allows you to load product/item/affiliate datafeed CSV files into our software (which you install on your server) and you can dynamically generate detailed landing pages on the fly simply by passing keywords into it. Insanely powerful.15 Tested Landing Page Templates (including PSD’s)
Provide high quality landing pages based on proven, tested, high conversion principles
Our In-house Quality Score Guide400+ Extra Keyword Expansion L…

SpeedPPC KICK Start 2011 Sale - SpeedPPC Special $150 Discount

SpeedPPC is pumped for 2011 and we reckon you should be too! They're already seeing consumer confidence rising and business seeing some strong growth.
It's time to get in the game and grow your business with PPC.
So they're running a killer sale that gives you everything you need to make 2011 your most successful year yet. There is no better time than now to get busy driving traffic with this excellent special.
Here's what you'll get as part of this special package.

Instant access toSpeedPPC v4.5 Pro, the industry's most advanced PPC campaign building software, now with support for pay-per-view advertising and even more PPC search engines.

Four additional software licenses, so up to 4 people in your organization can access SpeedPPC to build amazing pay-per-click campaigns.

Their 2 week, 14-part Advanced PPC Bootcamp that will train you on all the fancy tricks and techniques they've learned over the past 3 years.

These techniques are born out of not on…

SpeedPPC 3rd Birthday Offer and Bonus!!!

Yep… SpeedPPC is turning three and they’re celebrating with a Big Offer!!
They’re offering a brand new version of SpeedPPC (Version 4.5), plus a brand new Advanced PPC training product (worth $397).
The entire promotion package is worth $1290, but they’re giving it away for the week for just $347.

Here are the details on the promotion:

Name:SpeedPPC 3rd Birthday Mega Package
Date: 9am US EST. July 7, 2010 (launch)
Duration: 1 week (ends July 13, 2010)
Price: $347 ($943 off the normal price)
Offer:SpeedPPC Pro v4.5 (plus extra licenses) and the Advanced PPC Bootcamp video training

Here’s what you get for just $347!

Brand New Version of SpeedPPC Pro Instant access to the JUST released SpeedPPC v4.5 Pro, the industry’s most advanced PPC campaign building software, now with support for pay-per-view advertising and even more PPC search engines. Value: $497
Extra 4 licenses Four additional software licenses, so up to 4 people in their organization can access SpeedPPC to build amazing pay…

SpeedPPC V4 is released Now-Review and discount

Recently New version of SpeedPPC Version 4 called PPCLoopHole has been launched.

What is PPCLoopHole?

PPCLoopHole is a latest version of SpeedPPC, SpeedPPC is a campaign building tool.I tried to present Speedppc(PPCLoppHOle) review in this blog.SpeedPPC seems to very interesting and will go a long way.

Recently Jay Stockwell Informed me that a new version ofSpeedPPC V4 which is going to release on 3rd Dec 2009.The SpeedPPC methodology is developed by Jay Stockwell who is a qualified AdWords Professional.I got a chance to review this tool and found it very interesting.

Whats new inSpeedPPC V4?
This time SpeedPPC V4 is bundled into 3 parts (with 1 optional) and the complete package is called PPCLoopHole.


Well compared you previous version, latest SpeedPPC V4 has a lot of features and priced at just $4.95 for 7 days risk free Trial, If you like it then you only have to pay 3 payments of $165 to completely Own the package.

To get a detailed review of SpeedPPC V4 Go here

To get discoun…