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Friday, 18 September 2015

Recently SpeedPPC upgraded with new features in latest cloud version. I will explain them in this blog:

  • SpeedPPC Saves time and money - Manually creating exclusively targeted ads and landing pages is time-consuming, tiresome, and unexciting. SpeedPPC automates the most boring and difficult parts of building targeted campaigns, so you don’t have to work hard, pasting and correcting hundreds of ad groups. See below to know how much SpeedPPC can save your time:

  • Better Quality Score - Low quality score means Google does not think your ad is giving their user what they really want. In that case they will increase your bidding rate and it is harder to get a good position among competitor. There are few things SpeedPPC takes care for you to get rid of this: Improve your click through rate, Improve the relevance of your ad to search criteria,and also your landing page will be more relevant
  • Drive more traffic to your site - As SpeedPPC do the tedious part of creating good and targeted campaign, it will naturally create high traffic to your site and you can grow your visitors naturally. Some of the advantage is drive same traffic, but pay less. Your less paying keyword will now pay your more traffic. Because of improved landing pages, your existing traffic will become more profitable

Feeling excited and want to try new version. You can try their Cloud version here.


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