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SpeedPPC V5- Build better and faster PPC Campaign

The long awaited SpeedPPC V5is out now.The new release is out on 2nd July 2012.

Here are new things which are introduced in SpeedPPC V5:
Improved interface - SpeedPPC now has a better look and feel with the interfaces have been improved so that you can access the things you need oftenCloud Data - your data is no more tied to your PC. data is kept on cloud or on web server on internet.So you can access it from anywhere.Good for sharing campaign -  SpeedPPC now made it much simpler to share campaign if you are working in teams.Also its licensing terms made it easier and  cheaper to buy.Welcome Mac users - SpeedPPC now worl with mac too.It natively work both with PC and Mac users.New tools - Since a comprehensive long-tail keyword list is the cornerstone of a successful campaign with SpeedPPC, they’ve given you some keyword tools Pricing - SpeedPPC V5 now comes with a free, Pro and team version.Please see pricing below.

 So do not wait and Order SpeedPPC V5 today to get 50% off on pricin…